Documents & Downloads

Stewardship Committee Decisions and Rationale for Hunting and Trapping:

Following extensive public comment, debate, research, and deliberation, the Huntington Community Forest reached a decision on proposed rules and restrictions around hunting and trapping on the Huntington Community Forest.

See the HCF Hunting page for a document that explains the decision and much of the thinking that went into it.

Interim Management Plan:

An Interim Management Plan was required to be approved and in-place at the time of closing on the property acquisition. This Plan is in effect until the full Stewardship Plan is drafted by the Huntington Community Forest Stewardship Commitee, and approved by the Huntington Selectboard, Vermont Land Trust, Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and US. Dept. of Agriculture.

The interim plan lays out what is allowed and prohibited on the property and serves as a stewardship guide until the final plan is in place.

Public Outreach Survey:

A Public Survey was conducted in December 2020 following five community engagement forums. The results of the survey, along with the comments and discussion from the Forums are being considered as stewardship and management decisions are being contemplated by the Stewardship Committee.

Some analysis of the survey results are automatically provided by the Question Pro platform used to conduct the online survey. The Stewardship Committee continues to explore the results in various ways to guide decision making.

UVM Field Naturalist Landscape Inventory and Assessment Class:

In February-April 2021, a graduate-level UVM class from the Field Naturalist Program titled Landscape Inventory and Assessment conducted a semester-long field inventory and study of the Huntington Community Forest.  The work was based on a needs-assessment coordinated with the Stewardship Committee and focused on an analysis of the natural and human history and condition of the property.

Their final report details their project background, methodology, and findings.

In addition, a recorded video of their final presentation conducted via Zoom is available for viewing here.